Hey guys,

    As you may have noticed the site is quite empty at the moment, but don’t worry – that’s about to change soon. I’ve been holding out on publishing content until I have some of my other projects under wraps.

    PBOOK003 - smallCurrently, my first book – Lose Weight Without Dieting – is on sale on Amazon and will be until the 5th of May. By the time the sale ends, I will have hopefully listed the book in all major digital stores, as I’m stepping away from the KDP Select program, which requires Amazon exclusivity. While KDP select offers nice benefits, there are a lot of digital stores out there that have their own set of loyal customers. I prefer to offer my book through as many mediums as possible in order to allow people to get it from their preferred source and for their preferred device.

    In other news, my second book, titled – Flexible Dieting Handbook – will be published some time later this week or early next week. I’m finalizing the cover and formatting as we speak. The book will initially be available through Amazon exclusively, but will probably be listed wide in a few months after release, just like the first book.

    In addition to those two, I will also launch a shorter e-book called – Physical Training Guidebook – which will give basic and advanced training tips and explain various concepts. It will be 100% free to download when subscribing to my Mailing List. While it’s not available yet, I hope to have it ready in a few days. Those who sign up to the mailing list right now, will get the book when it’s out.

    I will also launch my personal training service some time in the next week. I won’t be taking many clients as I prefer to focus on helping only a few people at a time. I’m looking forward to working with enthusiastic individuals.

    As I find time and energy, I will also try to add more free content to the site, ranging from more superficial blog posts to in-depth articles, which I have many available.


    Stay tuned for more updates!

    – James