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    If you’re interested in a specific topic, please contact me and let me know what you’re interested in. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll definitely consider your suggestions when writing a new article.

    Sustainable Dieting Results

    I recently joined an online forum and found myself giving advice about sustainable, long term results when dieting. We were talking about intermittent fasting, but this advice really applies to everyone. Here's what I wrote:   The key to sustainable dieting...

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    Home Training Equipment

    In this article I will do a short review of various home training equipment you can purchase for the goal of getting fit in the privacy of your own home. This article will include both expensive and fairly cheap options, so I’m sure there is something for everyone....

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    Health Benefits of Cinnamon

    It’s common for people to get completely lost in the supplement market these days. They often end up spending ridiculous sums to buy products that may very well end up doing nothing. For this reason I’m going to talk about a cheap natural substance today that has scientifically proven benefits for your health.

    The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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    Building muscle at home without equipment

    People are looking for alternatives. Ways to get fit without being forced to become a member in some club, without having to travel there regularly, without having to pay money…

    The following article was inspired by an e-mail I received a few days ago. The author of the e-mail asked for advice on this very topic.

    How to start building muscle at home without equipment?

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    The Health Benefits of a High Protein Diet

    High protein diets have always been under debate in the health and fitness community. Many people believe a high protein diet can be dangerous and put strain on the liver whilst others believe a high protein diet could transform your health. It's important to first...

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    EMS training – what is it? And is it any good?

    Have you ever noticed those commercials on TV that are selling fitness equipment that is supposed to stimulate the muscles with electrical impulses? Just put the apparatus on, switch the system on and your muscles will begin their workout. Sounds interesting, right?...

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    Cheat Day weight gain

    The other day, someone sent me a question regarding cheat day weight gain (a day with no dietary restrictions whatsoever - meant for mental and physical recovery from dieting stress). And I figure I might as well share my answer here on the blog as well. So the...

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    Training & Nutrition during Ramadan

    I recently received an e-mail where an individual asked for advice on how to best go about working out during Ramadan. In this article I'll do my best to answer that question.   For those of you who aren't aware, Ramadan is a special month in the Islamic calendar...

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